MISRA Publications

MISRA Compliance 2020

An updated version of the guidance on complying with MISRA Coding Guidelines, now mandatory from MISRA C:2012 Third Edition, First Revision + AMD2

MISRA C Amendment 2 (MISRA C:2012 AMD2)

An updated edition of the C Standard, commonly referred to as “C11”, was released just as MISRA C:2012 was being prepared for publication, meaning it arrived too late for the MISRA C Working Group to take it into consideration. This document provides additional guidance on C11, and integrates use of MISRA Compliance:2020.

MISRA C 2012 Permits

MISRA C:2012 Permits provides a set of permits to aid compliance, particularly in the lower-levels (e.g. hardware access), but also to make compliance easier where automatically generated code is being created.

MISRA C Technical Corrigendum 2 (MISRA C:2012 TC2)

This document provides additional clarification on MISRA C:2012 Third Edition, First Revision

MISRA C Amendment 3 (MISRA C:2012 AMD3)

This document updates MISRA C:2012 Third Edition, First Revision for additional coverage of C11/C18 language features

MISRA C Amendment 4 (MISRA C:2012 AMD4)

This document completes the updates of MISRA C:2012 Third Edition, First Revision for additional coverage of C11/C18 language features

MISRA C:2012 – Addendum 3

This Addendum to MISRA C:2012 sets out the coverage by MISRA C:2012 of the 2nd Edition of CERT C

MISRA AC SLSF:2023 – Amendment 1

This Amendment to MISRA AC SLSF:2023 contains modifications that bring the guidelines up to date for MATLAB release R2023b

MISRA SC Safety assurance argument context for automated driving

This white paper looks at personal transport modelled as a service and the implicit safety argument that could accompany it. It also considers the complete lifecycle safety argument for the vehicle and its parts.

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