MISRA Compliance

MISRA has developed a set of guidelines for users of control system modelling packages. The aim of the guidelines is to provide rules, in a similar fashion to the MISRA C rules, which encourage good modelling practices and avoid poorly-defined features of the modelling language. The guidelines are aimed especially at the use of automatic code generators in safety-related systems. However, they are applicable wherever high-quality models are needed, including plant models.

The current documents are:

  • MISRA AC GMG:2023 – Generic modelling design and style guidelines
  • MISRA AC SLSF:2023 – Modelling design and style guidelines for the application of Simulink and Stateflow

These documents are available to purchase from the MISRA webstore, along with historical versions of these and other documents in the MISRA AC series.

In addition, the following are available free-of-charge from the “MISRA AC resources” section of the MISRA discussion forum:

  • MISRA AC INT – Introduction to the MISRA guidelines for the use of automatic code generation in automotive systems
  • MISRA AC SLSF:2023 Amendment 1 – Revisions for MATLAB Release R2023b
  • MISRA AC SLSF:2023 Amendment 2 – Revisions for MATLAB Release R2024a

The MISRA AC documents are organized in a hierarchy representing the workflow of model-based development.

The current focus of the MISRA AC guidelines is from the generic level (MISRA AC GMG) through to the use of graphical languages (currently MISRA AC SLSF).

Historical documents have also covered automatic code generation (MISRA AC TL for TargetLink) and target languages (MISRA AC AGC for C). Guidelines for specific code generators are currently not maintained by MISRA. Guidelines for automatically generated C are now incorporated into MISRA C.

MISRA would value suggestions for future items that should be covered, and volunteers to join Working Groups are very welcome.