Rule 17.1 compatibility

6.17 Pointers and Arrays

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Rule 17.1 compatibility

Post by misterb » Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:54 am

Dear all,

below, you find code that shall be full MISRA-C:2004 compatible except MISRA rule 17.1 (according to my compiler). I removed the header file module.h for readability.

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/* now module.c begins */
float32_t Defaults[6];

void misra17_1test(const float32_t in[6])
  uint32_t s = 0u;
  float32_t mythreshold = 0.0f;
  float32_t tmpMax = 0.0f;
  for (s = 0u; s < 6u; s++) {
       mythreshold = in[s]; /* a MISRA 17.1 violation is detected here by compiler */ 

    /* do something */ 
    if (tmpMax > mythreshold) {
      /* do something */
    else {
      /* do something */
/* now the main.c module begins */
extern float32_t Defaults[6];

int32_t main(void)
  int32_t j = 0;
	for(j=0; j<10000; j++){
	return 0;
The compiler detects a MISRA rule 17.1 violation in misra17_1test() , but I can't understand the violation, because mythreshold isn't a pointer and in[] isn't a pointer to. So who is correct, the compiler or me? If I'm not correct, why?

Kind regards,


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Re: Rule 17.1 compatibility

Post by fpeelo » Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:32 pm

Rule 17.1 is "Pointer arithmetic shall only be applied to pointers that address an array or array element".

So it looks like your compiler is treating the parameter in as a pointer, not recognising that it points to an array.

According to K&R 2nd edition, "As formal parameters in a function definition,
char s[];
char *s;
are equivalent; we prefer the latter because it says more explicitly that the parameter is a pointer."
So maybe the compiler is reducing "const float32_t in[6]" to "const float32_t *in" before checking for MISRA violations?

Yes, your function prototype says "in[6]" but I don't believe C pays any attention to the "6".

This worries me, because I would like to have code that is as compliant as possible, and I don't see how to declare a function that operates on an array, that would be compliant. I asked here about whether it is possible (even the innocuous strlen() cannot be defined in a compliant way, unless I misunderstand).


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Re: Rule 17.1 compatibility

Post by misra-c » Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:44 am

The parameter "in" is pointing to the first element of the array "Defaults" so the array indexing operation does not break Rule 17.1.
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