6.8 Declarations and Definitions

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[ MISRA 8.1 ] Functions shall have prototype and prototype shall be visible at both the definition and call

I am using cystal revs for C MISRA C 2004 compliance.
Its showing violation in following code. pl. suggest solution for this.

controller specific header file
SFR( P0, 0x80U ); /* Port 0 Latch */

void main( void )
Global_Frame[ 0 ] = ( U8 )( Mid_No & 0x1fU ); /* bit of mid */

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Re: MISRA 8.1

Post by misra-c » Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:29 pm

It is difficult to provide a detailed comment without seeing more context.

SFR is presumably a function. If it were a macro then a violation of Rule 8.1 would not be expected and if it were a language extension then it would not conform to the ISO C language standard. Assuming that it is a function, the solution is to provide a suitable prototype declaration for it. There may even be such a declaration in a header file provided by the implementation.

In the case of main, the solution again is to provide a suitable declaration at some point prior to the function definition. The return type and the number of parameters along with their types is implementation-defined in a freestanding implementation so provided your declaration and definition match each other and also match the requirements of your implementation there should be no problem.
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