MISRA controllability rationale

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MISRA controllability rationale

Post by Haasec » Tue May 01, 2012 12:43 pm

I found a reference on the internet yesterday that in '06 or '07 MISRA had created a technical report that helps an engineer classify controllability for ISO-26262. It also indicated that this report is free? I did look in the publications section but I didn't seem to find the technical report name that I found elsewhere on the internet. Could someone please provide some more detail on this report? I understand that the SAEJ2980 specification is in development but I can't wait for it at this time.

Chad Haase

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Re: MISRA controllability rationale

Post by MISRA Reply » Wed May 02, 2012 12:29 pm

The report referred to has now been replaced by the following two documents available for purchase from the webstore. In particular the findings of the earlier report were incorporated into MISRA SA and have been more closely aligned with ISO 26262.

Guidelines for safety analysis of vehicle based programmable systems (MISRA SA): These Guidelines provide an extension to the original MISRA Development Guidelines for Vehicle Based Software, in that they give extended detailed advice on the sections on Integrity and Safety Analysis (including Controllability), as well as presenting additional advice on other parts of safety management and the safety lifecycle. It was published in November 2007.

MISRA Technical Report, The Use of Controllability for the Classification of Automotive Vehicle Hazards: This report provides a concise overview of the work carried out in the Controllability for Automotive Safety Targets (CAST) project, which carried out driving simulator verification of the MISRA Controllability approach for hazard classification. It was published in January 2007.

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