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The MISRA Bulletin Board


The MISRA Bulletin Boards exist to serve anyone who is interested in, or is a user of, MISRA publications. Anyone who has an interest in the use of MISRA's publications is welcome to participate. Members of the MISRA Working Groups who were involved with writing the documents are likely to frequent the forum, and may be able to offer comment from time to time, but we all have regular jobs to do too, and we can't promise to answer everyone's questions!

For some publications we will give an official reply to questions from time to time. Please visit the relevant section of the Bulletin Board for more details.

How to join

To join in the discussions, simply click on the link to the left then select "Register" from the Bulletin Board welcome page.

The registration page contains the registration terms for the Bulletin Board and you will be asked to indicate your agreement to these terms before proceeding to register.